Opting for one of my photos to decorate your interior means choosing a unique work that contributes to the memory of the world. To make your painting entirely unique, you choose the format and even have the option of choosing a frame.

Your mountain photo will blend in perfectly with your decor, whether modern or traditional.

In a constantly changing world, my opinion is that it is essential to immortalize moments, instants. To photograph the world is to keep an indelible memory of each place to perpetuate a memory and preserve a story.

How do I choose my photo?

My photos are not only used to decorate the decoration of a house, they can integrate any style of interior. By going to the shop, you will have the choice between prints on paper or aluminum. The rendering will of course be different.  You will also have the choice of format. Three sizes for each photo are available. 

To obtain your exclusive work, select in the shop the photos that bring you the most emotions, those that make you dream, those that remind you of an incredible memory or a special moment. The ones you will never tire of admiring!

How is my photo prepared? 

Once your order has been placed, I myself transfer the request to my supplier. I send him the digital photo in 9200x6900 format. He then launches the printing process on very heavyweight Fujifilm paper in order to obtain the most respectful and reliable result compared to the original model. When the print is finished, I check each photo. I sign and number them to leave a trace of their authenticity. Once this step is completed, I proceed to the shipment. You receive your order a few days later. 


Is the order secure? 

When you place an order, the entire process is secure. Whether you choose to pay via PayPal or credit card, neither I nor anyone can have access to your confidential information. Payment is made directly through my company and is protected through the process of  Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Your information is therefore encrypted.